I have one month vacation, and go back to China. So I need to renew my US F-1 Visa.

In short, you have to fill some documents, pay fees and make appointment.

All the procedure can be found in this website: ustraveldocs

My interview experience

My appointment time is 2015-05-28 8:30am. My good friend come with me, we arrive US Embassy around 8:00am.

There is a very long line. But there’re lots of peopel with appointment time after 9:00am. So they’re not allowed to enter the Embassy. I need to thru the crowd and say “excuse me” hundred times.

After that, the procedure is:

  1. security check and a short line.

  2. documents check, there’re Chinese employee to do this. This step needs my passport, DS-160, and photo.

  3. record finger print, there’re US employee to do this.

  4. real interview.

The officer is a handsome guy, below is the interview:

  1. brief introduce.

  2. ask my resume and look it carefully.

  3. ask my research details. I told him my current work.

  4. ask my research plan. But I don’t have that, so I give him our website copy. He compare it with my resume carefully.

  5. ask my dissertation topic. I tell him my current research again, but in different way.

Finally, he told me my application is approved.