This page contains some websites to help English learner to improve pronunciation. All information is come from Delia, an instructor who teach ESL 512 at UB.

  1. Technical Terms
    Pronunciation of technical terms from various fields.

  2. American English Pronunciation Practice
    Game-like Minimal Pair Practice using Flash and MP3 Files

  3. Daily Pronunciation Practice
    The listen and repeat machine has a different exercise each day to improve intonation, rhythm and pronunciation.

  4. Minimal Pairs - Practice exercises
    Common errors in English pronunciation by language background.

    Minimal pairs practice

  6. English Pronunciation/Listening
    A variety of exercises on some of the more problematic sounds.

  7. Merriam Webster
    Online dictionary, includes audio and “word of the day”

  8. English Center
    Provides video and transcripts of famous speakers and speeches.  It allows you to repeat certain phrases, which it records and checks for accuracy. A great way to practice intonation and dynamic speaking.

  9. American Rhetoric, Moive Speeches
    This site provides video and transcripts of famous real-life and movie speeches.

  10. American Rhetoric, Obama Speeches
    All speeches of Barack Obama, include transcript.

  11. Umano
    This brings you to a site where you can investigate the free app “Umano” and download it to your phone if you decide you want it.

If you want import the websites to your bookmakrs, please download the bookmarks file from this link.